Best Pizza in Wynwood

Since 2015


Baccano is an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria with Italian wines and local craft brews located in the heart of the booming Wynwood Art District. Antonio Chia was introduced to Wynwood 15 years ago when his father, Sandro Chia a famous Italian artist, rented a warehouse on 25th Street to complete large oil paintings for a museum in Los Angeles. Immediately Antonio fell in love with the industrial neighborhood in which every wall was a canvas for street art. This reminded him of his childhood growing up in Manhattan NY where street art was considered vandalism, but here it was celebrated. Little did he know that across the street from that warehouse a decade later, he would open his first business.

Antonio started living in Wynwood full time in 2010 in the Wynwood lofts. He saw the rapid development of the neighborhood and seized the opportunity to manifest a long time dream of opening an Italian restaurant. His family has a winery, Castello Romitorio, in a little town in Tuscany, Italy called Montalcino, which has become the center of Italian wines and cuisine. He spent summers there visiting family and learning the Italian culinary arts. His favorite place to go every morning for a cornetto and a cappuccino was the most beautiful little caffè from 1888 in the center of town called Caffè Fiaschetteria. It was there where he met Alessandro Pazzaglia whose family owned the caffè. Alessandro had the same dream of opening an Italian restaurant in Miami and so they partnered up in the endeavor and created Baccano.

Their goal was to bring the Italian traditions back to Miami and show that the real art of cooking is in the simplicity and the balance of a few quality ingredients combined and prepared fresh; not the mass produced and chemically preserved foods with high sodium and fake sugar contents.

The best way to demonstrate these basic fundamentals of food is through pizza. It is one of the oldest staple foods from over a century ago. It has since been perverted into a frozen amalgam of chemical resemblances preserved at sub-zero temperatures to then be nuked by radiation upon request.

All of the real flavor and consistency have been destroyed and replaced by a simulation of the original. This is why at Baccano, everything is made fresh or imported from Italy because it is still made in the original way. The dough is a living thing made up of only flour, yeast, water, salt and of course love. It has a lifespan that must be respected and cared for under the right temperature and humidity. The oven produces heat from burning wood that infuses the natural smoky flavor. The sauce and cheese are as fresh as can be. The toppings are all the best available and represent the original and authentic concept of pizza. No, pineapple does not go pizza!